Ageless The Same In The Dark

Like breezes blow it away

footprints etched in fresh clay

Like seconds are minutes

minutes to hours

hours and days

days became life

and hello to plans we promised to keep

Like hello, like hello

there was never a time

when the Earth spun slower

or your prime was your prime

and never a sand

your lonely hand couldn’t flatten

or fashion to your command now damned

Like hello velvet black chokers ‘n gold

pages of smiles once young ‘n now old

Like time distance stranger ‘n changing arrangement

Like lust was a dream for the whole

or dreams were lost like our souls

Like plans plastered in concrete

or sands insatiable heat wasted the same

Like the way that it feels

when they gave you a name

Like cliff-divers, low tide and shame

Like breezes blow it away

Like rivers time flows it away

Like lovers who never embarked

into night’s play stay lovers forever

ageless the same in the dark

praying as time ticks away


About memoirpoet

I've been faking it as a writer for more than 30 years. Keep that low.
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