Message of Love

Very deep, heartfelt, survival is stronger than emotion. Love is the Universal embodiment surviving even the emo of lost and lonely travelers who wander away into the lifelessness of the deserted. I like to analogize using a desert as it suggests hot days, yet cold nights. I’m guessing subliminal as most profound statements are, our best works come through us, not to us.

The Universe does not nullify feelings of joy or pain. However, it promises us that Love never leaves. Because Love does not reside in others. It lives joyfully inside ourselves and only when we are ready to truly Love again does it emerge with a passion to flow outward. Watch a week old baby interact with its mother. Love is inherent but develops into a deeper understanding as we learn to Love others. Once-held innocence, so beautiful, so vulnerable, so attractive, is possible to regain. When one aims to work on getting Trust back. Again, these are not things others offer. We find Happiness when we are ready to fly again.

I remember crashing an airplane near Bolivar, TN a number of years ago. I walked away from the wreckage. Went back to my motel room and climbed under the covers. Shortly later, loud knocks of pounding on my motel door were WWII fighter pilots, working as captains for American Airlines. I opened the door and they demanded I put my jeans back on and basically threw me into the backseat of their car, rushing me off to the airport. They put me into a fueled-up 172, and I was as wet with sweat as the plane was with petrol. The crash had occurred only three hours earlier. It was time to go back into the pink sunset. If I hadn’t I might never have flown again.

Love is a preponderance of the best in us. Fear is our own manifestation as the Universe has nothing else to offer but Love. We go into the pink sunset fearless for fearful as the reward is worthy of the risk, just as we reach into a scalding oven to grab the sweet cherry pie.


About memoirpoet

I've been faking it as a writer for more than 30 years. Keep that low.
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