Sky King On TV

Underwhelmed by oil wells ablaze

underwhelmed – now what’s their next phase

remembering back about a time when I was young

Sky King on TV

the good guys

with some Fritos next to me

Underwhelmed by Clinton’s cigars

underwhelmed – now I’m studying Mars

thought about the Russians

the Chinese and fried rice

sitting in the darkness

watching soldiers watching vice

Suddenly an announcer on TV

(on TV TV TV)

gives an update on the score of misery

try and sleep a little while

pretending flickering is free

but nothing underwhelms me

like Cheney’s killing disease

Underwhelmed by J-Lo and her cars

underwhelmed by midnight finger-nail scars

i thought about Arabia

the French Foreign Legion too

back then I knew I knew

the good guys

coming from my tube

Then suddenly the announcer on TV

(on TV TV TV)

taking my virginity

pounding to my knees

asking am I good enough to murder strangers

for liberty

(on TV TV TV)

Underwhelmed by Peter Arnot

underwhelmed I’ll smoke this rag weed pot

tube wanna make me think like you

we can kill world anarchy


keeping score on my TV

Thought about the presidents

how they protected me

my brother’s six feet under

Sky King was on TV


About memoirpoet

I've been faking it as a writer for more than 30 years. Keep that low.
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