For Farrah

Be a partner in broken heart hurt or be one of them who live love.
I’ve seen hurt hearts by misdirection and those who ignored what’s Above.
And the heart hurt is deep indeed, like planting seeds of misdeeds.
Nothing captures the brave like challenge and most who are challenged will run.
I’ve seen heart hurt in beauty abandoned and most close their hearts very young.
Into that Light lies the doorway out, like the night gives promise to day.
There is nothing that cannot be undone when perceptions show us nothing stays the same.
Glory lives inside freedom’s peace, providing second wind for the game.
In the end you find Spirit’s release, trading-in all your trinkets and fame.
Be it an hour or a hundred years, I’ve seen them driven down from mountains to tears.
There’s desperation in daydreams and fears from the strongest to the meek.
There’s a common fury of equalization in a certainty that nobody seeks.
Before you die then, respect your pride; hide some laughter and most of your lies.
Carry the weak, touch the skies, and remember there’s a time limit on seeking “why.”
Be a partner in mending confusion, trying not to tarry with this folly of illusion.
In a moment we are all unchained.

Dedicated to and inspired by Farrah.


About memoirpoet

I've been faking it as a writer for more than 30 years. Keep that low.
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