War (Originally published Aug. 16, 2007)

There is a desperation by devout Republicans to scare Americans into believing those who are “Liberals” are Satan lovers who desire an al Qaeda terrorist to become the next president. Sound silly?

I am against war. All wars for any reason. If that makes me Liberal, that’s wonderful. Because there are only two possibilities in a nuclear age – total peace or total destruction. This ain’t 1860. This ain’t Napoleon taking Europe in 1792. If the world doesn’t make PEACE its single goal, there are grounds to argue, we won’t make it another 50 years.

The argument that war has always existed and will always exist “because it is part of human nature,” offers no credibility. People don’t start wars, their governments do. Often leadership uses fear and hatred in the guise of subterfuge against its own people as war’s initial weapon. It’s the human elements – screams from the populaces – that end wars. In Iraq, making countless innocent children into orphans offers a 100 percent chance many will grow up to blow up.

On this 62nd anniversary of the cremation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we have to realize that: 1.) The United States created atomic weaponry. 2.) The United States is the only nation to ever use atomic weaponry. 3.) The proliferation of atomic weaponry has become so ubiquitous; it will surely fall into hands irrational people at some point. 4.) There is no proven means to transport and store the waste products of atomic weaponry.

5.) The bombs used in Japan were so small compared to today’s ICBMs, with multiple warheads, that it would be hard to imagine or describe the kind of destruction even one missile would wrought over a heavily populated area. It’s a safe guess one missile could decimate a town of 20 million.

“At the beginning of 2006 the U.S. nuclear arsenal was composed of eight types of nuclear warheads (in thirteen variant modes) on active duty. Some 5,736 warheads of these active warheads were operationally deployed, another 3,637 were either listed as spares or are parts of the responsive force . . . The total number of warheads of all levels of readiness stands at 9,962 warheads,” according to http://nuclearweaponarchive.org/Usa/Weapons/

All told – and it never is! – we’ve produced more than 70,000 nuclear weapons of 72 varieties at a cost of literally untold trillions of dollars. Of course the greater cost has been to infrastructure (bridges in Minnesota, for example), poor performing schools, and a health care system in the world’s richest economy that just can’t seem to insure that last 40 million people.

There is always this official rationale of impending doom, regardless of history, Ollie North or Watergate. Until the current administration, the mother of all lies was: If we fail in Vietnam the dominoes will fall, and it won’t be long until Hawaii and San Francisco are next.  

That noise you haven’t heard for the last 35 years are the sounds of silent dominoes falling.  If lies don’t work, they’ll start comparing our current 4,000 dead (Iraq and Afghanistan) against 69,000 in Vietnam or the 405,399 that died in World War II. Right Wing politicos collectively say things like, “4,000 isn’t even warming up the old war machine,” while many never served a day in combat, nor will they send their kids to fight and die.

There is an answer. The same global peace force – the United Nations, created by us – that voted to send 26,000 to the Sudan, did not offer to help the USA in its far-fetched invasion of Iraq. Nor did almost every other nation on Earth – including most of our NATO allies.

Invading a sovereign nation in the interest of democracy is like beating one’s spouse to further the cause of marital trust and love. We can’t end killing by killing.

In retrospect, what was proven time and again from history’s wars? If your answer is that forked-tongued White men can take Wyoming and Utah from horse-backed Redskins, give yourself a Purple Heart.

From 1775-1783 we lost 4,435 to the British. In that war we won the United States of America; autonomy and freedoms to write our recently violated Constitution and Bill of Rights. I’ll let you know, shortly, when we tie that number of American deaths – if you let me know what we won in Iraq. (We’ve tied that number.)Grenade Attacks


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2 Responses to War (Originally published Aug. 16, 2007)

  1. roberta4949 says:

    you right on alot of things, you do know that poster is not true, if there was a demand for grenades then there would be massive purchases, but no one wants them since it is difficult to control where the damage is and avoid hurting yourself and only a few (out of millions of gun owners etc) actually commit atrocities of course we won’t entertain the idea that governements should be the first to set the example and disarm themselves first, but of course they wont. they are so quick to point out a few incidents and blow it way out of proporation but forget the military has the biggest and badest weapons that you and I would never be able to obtian nor would we want too. i wouldn’t anyway. and they are using them as we speak against innocents here and abroad. there are other elements at play here that keep war going outside of gov/corp need for it to feed the state. which I still don’t understand why they need war so much to feed the state. but it is too lengthly to get into here.

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