Drake Levin (Paul Revere and the Raiders)

I spoke with Drake and Sandra Levin on June 23, 2009. Two days later, I headed out to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia, and returned home on July 7 to a very sad email from Sandra.

The night I spoke with Drake it was about the Afterlife and certain experiences I’ve had, that aren’t easy to wrap one’s head around. But, Drake got the message, even though it was tough for him to stay on the phone for any length of time.

Funny, I was raised in L.A. and often went to watch them shoot WTAI. Paul Revere and the Raiders (PRR) were the co-hosts and house band. Some of the biggest acts on earth were appeared regularly as guests. My favorite place to see them was down at Station 5 on Santa Monica beach. The live WTAI show was often shot there, and we were down there daily after school, surfing at (lifeguard) Station 8.

I remember the goofy Batman episode, as PRR were hired by the Penguin to jam at a party he was holding on the popular TV show. I watched that episode with my sister, who recently died.

Death is a fatality of faith, in many cases. It heavily buries our best intentions and beliefs. So, in grief, we sometimes never re-emerge the same as before we lose somebody. But, death is an illusion. We, witnesses, are the ones who die everytime we need to say goodbye to those we love. Yet, we all live on in the hearts and memories of those who we touch and love in so many ways. And, we live on in some other form and place.

Be that as it may, I think it’s important to try and leave something behind. Just so the world knows you were here. Drake left a lot behind. He leaves a legacy of guitar work that few can match. And, if his sound sounds much like many others from the 60s and 70s, it’s important to remember that much of what others did, Drake created and did first. It was fitting that Paul McCartney, Paul Shaffer and David Letterman, to name a couple of well-known names, paid tribute.

Drake was a maven with that axe in hand doing those theatrics of playing his Epiphone Sheraton behind his back. Jimi Hendrix stole Drake’s move, but you know what Bob Dylan says about thieves. (*If you are interested in buying his Epiphone Sheraton, please contact me.)

PRR had fun and so did we. They had a ton of Billboard hits. And, it’s just like me to remind you to check out.


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One Response to Drake Levin (Paul Revere and the Raiders)

  1. Has anyone bought his Epiphone Sheraton yet?

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