Out of Control

In her quest for lust she searches her not us
In the name of touch she blows kisses to trust
She’s searching Sunday, I hear her knockin on my door
Searching someday what wet won’t adore

She glues her face to my fingers to let me know she’s starved
For what liquor and roaches don’t offer the scarred
When you got to fall
You can fall on me
A kiss like yours should be a felony
A kiss like yours threatens society
When you got to fall, fall on me

Out of control
she’s a blurry girl – an eternal soul
she wears your senses like it’s her wardrobe
Out of control
Out of control
she’s got me out of control

She’s a tested wench
Always up too late
Searching Sundays for a Tuesday mate
A kiss like hers has an addicting melody
An arresting desire, she’s a felony
Fall into some conflagration
Alien to tenderness and clings to hesitation
Flirts with me for nothing more than flirtation
Whoever gets her gets that kiss
She’s glued her face to my finger tips


She’s glued her face to my finger tips
and I know the ways of losers lost
though I won’t give her all
her kisses do melt life’s frost
until you’re a victim to fall
you’ll be a victim to fall
oh, fall on me


About memoirpoet

I've been faking it as a writer for more than 30 years. Keep that low.
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