Would You Do Me For A Penny?

mejor mess, was i undressed?

a test, a rest, and blessed, i guess.

and it happened yesterday

or was it 20 years ago?

i can’t believe in his-story

when mine is such a blur,

like looks like a corn dog stand,

from twirling merry-go-round.

mejor trap, we without maps

run laps, shoot craps, but blessed i guess.

we stay dizzy from Day 1,

trying to desperately to be

short-board surfer, writer, father, player

prayer, naysayer . . .

don’t say “nay” too much

don’t say “yes” too quickly

don’t let them know who you are.

Aren’t peasants down on stars?

Freight on, Satan.

Up shitz creek, in my lovely house

we roam like Romans looking for treats

we die with our maker on some unknown street

Hello! Goodbye.

we satisfy


create just one thing

unique and simply divine

obtuse, complex and dark unlike Liebfraumilch

you Blue Nuns who blew none.

We amassed, we gassed

smoke bits of beige, blonde, black hash

deliberated, contemplated

we universally celebrated

But mostly alone.

we, lower case

this painful place

we love our satellites in space

and microwaves

our former slaves

Barack O’Bomb-us

with more government promise

we english folk

we joke

we joke

we spoke, choke

then croak.


Make your dates

time a’fleeting is getting late

Make amends

test the water like you test your friends

for chill

minus the thrill

of long longevity

proclivity toward money

explore the course of many

would you _______ (*blow, kill, love, save) me for a penny?

Would you do me for a penny?


About memoirpoet

I've been faking it as a writer for more than 30 years. Keep that low.
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