Locked In

Not tomorrow

not yesterday

nor today

only memories of what

we try to explain away

hearing sounds beat

ocean waves curl and roar

feel others’ needs

all souls bleed

plant unwanted seeds

all for gold

all for kings

all for money

that smuggling brings

all the laws of in-laws

waiting for control

of where your lips will lick

never give them satisfaction

or admit

your memories

will soon be gone

like darkness separated

yet hungry for light

your sadness

becomes a maddening mistress

prompted by lonely sleepless nights

that crushes your dull cry

into quiet desperate whimpers

of close-grasp dreams

that crashed away

from a reach further than it seemed

locked in by needs

not for death but resurrection

though tomorrow seems lacking

yesterday’s protection

it is all an illusion

as you will always be in safety

‘cept the flash of fading memories


wasting time

explaining time



About memoirpoet

I've been faking it as a writer for more than 30 years. Keep that low.
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One Response to Locked In

  1. jullian says:

    Words flow from your mind like the icy cold water of a mountain spring which I experienced once int he Canadian mountains and will never forget. You inspire me again. Jullian

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