The Eagles Concert Tour (2010)

Tight, together, having fun, the Eagles are delivering a powerful cache of music that won’t soon be forgotten. Sell-outs are marking every city, many paying a $1,000 a seat to sit in front section. Some front-row-centers are selling for up to $2,500. We were guests and caught from the 14th row.

Generally their shows begin on time with no opening acts. This show lasted three and half hours. This show ended with Take It Easy, just before Don Henley stepping to the edge of the stage to close it down with the sad-ballad warning, Desperado.

I never go to an Eagles’ show. Now I wonder why. I met these boys when I lived down off Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Back then they were Linda’s band prior to her Stone Pony‘s hit, Different Drum. They jammed about twice a week at the Troubadour. Henley and Frey went on a two-month tour with Linda and then they quit to form the Eagles.

I really pumped up my friends to get them to join me saying, “this should be a great night.” But honestly, I had no interest in their music whatsoever. I have a trove of their albums – a couple autographed. Yet I haven’t yanked them out in decades. My favorite is Desperado.

This show was the ultimate shit. You wanna rock? Can you handle rock and roll? Then welcome home The James Gang as Joe Walsh stole the show from Henley and Frey, and they let him.

Walsh jammed with myriad guitars from 1950s Fenders to custom-made jobs, changing boards as often as most change ass-position on folding seats. It was one punch after the next. Tempo changes dropped to ballads then accelerated to “arena rock,” with stops in between using false endings; 4/4 allegro alternatives, intermingled with 3/4 and fading keyboards, and quietly soft drum accompaniment from Henley.

I believe Walsh, 62, is the greatest board picker in the USA. He’s alone when compared to guys like Clapton or other legends – and I doubt too many younger guys could keep up. He did everything, including Rocky Mountain Way, which he often does not do. Walsh had a helmet cam on and goofed with the enthused audience, putting them on-camera airing on a giant screen at the rear of the stage. Life’s Been Good became a pictorial of Walsh and the Eagles life – as the screen showed old photos of the band for almost 10 minutes.

When Walsh sang, “they write me letters and tell me I’m great,” Glen Frey was rolling his eyes. That’s still making me smile.

Walsh did Walk Away and Guilty of the Crime, as if in confession. His guitar work on Heartache Tonight, Life In The Fast Lane, and Dirty Laundry were beyond description.

The set was complete:

Take It Easy
Witchy Woman
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Tequila Sunrise
Already Gone
The Best of My Love
I Don’t Want To Hear It
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Lyin’ Eyes
One of These Nights
Take It to the Limit
Hotel California
Guilty of the Crime
Walk Away
Life in the Fast Lane
Victim of Love
Boys of Summer
Dirty Laundry
The Last Resort
New Kid in Town
Heartache Tonight
The Sad Café
I Can’t Tell You Why
The Long Run
In the City
Hole in the World


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